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Qi Machine

Interactive Media Installation

Year of production: 2011

Processing, Arduino, capacitive sensors, LEDs, acrylic hemisphere, web cam


This project is an installation about individual aura which is important  in oriental concept. I drew inspiration from Tae-Geuk which comes from the Korean national flag, and represent the meaning that the creation of this universe in oriental theory. I will create a small universe in the shape of Tae-Geuk using LEDs. When an individual walks into the installation booth, the LEDs will change according to an individual's spiritual energy. The project is about converting individual things into visual effects through interaction.


Princess Machine


Interactive Media Installation

Year of production: 2007

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Isadora


This project is about consumerism. It was an interactive installation using Isadora. If a viewer comes into the booth which a PDP screen is installed in, the 30-second film about over consumes and superimposes the viewer’s image onto the film that I already made. By superimposing the copied viewer’s image, participants will get a sense of shopping saturation.


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