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Study and Solutions for Motion Sickness in Autonomous Driving

Anti motion sickness augmented reality application

Year of production: 2020

Sketch, InVision, Framer X, XCode, Swift, UIKit

Our team will conduct a car motion sickness survey in Aachen, German. We will collect users' data when participants who have experienced car sickness experience motion sickness in the car. I researched causes and preventative solutions for motion sickness, specifically using mobile devices. Then I identify a solution for how users input their data actively without getting motion sickness. So, I designed and conducted a usability test for the interaction and copy (symptom words) for this survey application. The user experience design was finalized and developed through several iterations. Also, I worked with front-end prototypes using Xcode to implement specific user interfaces.

On the other hand, I also ideate and prototype for the Anti-Motion Sickness application. This idea is helping people to work in an autonomous vehicle without motion sickness by using Augmented Reality. Since it was a one-person project, I conducted ideation, UXUI design and built the rapid prototype with Xcode.



This work is confidential. Please request for the details of this project via email.

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