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Interactive Immersive Installation

Year of production: 2016

Arduino, p5.js, a hall effect sensor, NeoPixels, an exercise peddler

Time Tunnel Machine is an interactive immersive installation that gives people to feel going somewhere through a tunnel. Before I started this project, my curiosity is on interactive media installation. From that point, I researched how to combine the user's interaction and media. According to my tests, light is an effective way to represent the user's response. In terms of the theme - time travel, by acting of riding a bike, users can feel like going somewhere - ideally it was supposed to go to the past - but it's ambiguous to present where(what time) they are. Nevertheless, users can still control the time speed and the light tunnel reflects it. This experience will encourage people to feel time traveling. Personally, through this project, I want to explore how to control sensors and lights - specifically NeoPixels as well as how the immersive media works to audiences’ interaction.

Keywords: Physical Computing, Introduction to Computational Media, Interactive Installation, Immersive Space, Sensor


Moire Pattern Visualization Machine

Year of production: 2016

Arduino, a stepper motor, a wood frame

It is a midterm project with Cristóbal Valenzuela. We are interested in Moire pattern which makes an optical illusion. Normally, when an audience wants the illusion of movement, he moves a striped acetate overlay by his hand. At this point, we encourages people to control the speed and the direction of the striped acetate overlay. Also, by giving a auto-play mode, an audience can enjoy the Moire Pattern for a while.

Keywords: Physical Computing, Motor, Potentiometer 

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