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The Challenge

The app LINE PLAY is a social networking app using avatars from all around the world.

From a design perspective, there are various challenges such as the aspects of communication, entertainment, and promotion.


LINE - LINE PLAY Your Avatar World


The company Line Play has been established in 2011. I participated an Internship Program at Naver, the most famous search portal service in Korea. After finishing my internship, I was recommended by a former boss to establish this mobile game company Line Play. We started as a start-up with 10 people including strategic planners, developers and designers, but, after the launch of several highly successful applications, it has grown to over 200 people. LINE has 203 million users worldwide, and is especially popular in Japan and Taiwan. In addition to messaging, LINE offers free voice and video calls, as well as social groups, stickers, timelines, and even games.


During my time at the company, I was their senior designer. Line Play functions mainly as a social networking application, and my main responsibility was to prototype the user interface design. I also created graphic design including icons, promotional banners and pop-ups. In my role, I was responsible for bridging the design and programming components of the application’s functions. I worked with both designers and programmers to optimize ease of use of the design interface, while maintaining flexibility and high-quality visuals. Because of the constant collaboration with programmers and designers, I have fine-tuned my ability not only to communicate with others but to merge elements of technology and design.


Visit the website or Download on the App Store/ Google Play.


1. Communication

Friends, chatting, and diary can be included the communication category.  The diary project was the most contribution I’ve done. We provide the diary that not only helps people to record their precious memory but also encourages ongoing communication between friends by writing on the guest book or giving emotional stickers. Furthermore, the diary has a variety of theme, so users can feel more attached. Recently, we more focus on usability and convenience of it such as two view types and the guest book. In addition, I designed the list of friends and supported developers for improvement of friends’ list.




Main pages



New Entry / Photo / Share



Photo by using the app 'aillis'



Creating a image with my avatar 








Friends list / Search



Add official friends / Add suggested friends / Friends invite


2. Entertainment

There are several entertainment such as games and event. Among them, I was dedicated to the avatar contest held every month. Every time the number of participants steadily increases, and the average participants were more than 60,000. Consequently, the sales of the fashion shop were up 40 percent more than the same period of the passed week. In addition, through the daily bonus event,  DAU(Daily Active Users) is increased.


Avatar Contest




Daily Bonus




Lucky Spin Event



3. Promotional

By collaborating with other companies such as Disney and Sanrio, promote the app try to increase revenue.



Open event popup and Rich message




Mobile Coupon and In-store promotion




When the drama 'EXO Next Door' is on air on iQiyi, promote the app both
mobile and web using 'Brown Next Door' parody of the drama









To-fu collabration wallpaper (400cm x 250cm)

To-fu collabration FRP Banner (22.5cm x 15.2cm)




Thailand Game Festival 2015 LINE PLAY Stand Banner (100cm x 250cm)



In-store poster with Show by Rock (50cm x 70cm)

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