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LINE Corporation


Senior UI Designer

November 2011 - August 2016 • 4 yrs 10 mos

LINE Corporation is based in Japan. It was renamed from NHN Japan Corporation on April 1, 2013, and operates the LINE, NAVER matome, and livedoor web service businesses. Since launching LINE in June 2011, LINE Corporation has placed the core of its business upon the service and actively pushed for the further expansion of the service on a global scale, as well as accelerating the development of LINE as a platform. LINE has 203 million users worldwide, and is especially popular in Japan and Taiwan. In addition to messaging, LINE offers free voice and video calls, as well as social groups, stickers, timelines, and even games.

Visit the website or Download on the App Store/ Google Play.


LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World


The company Line Play has been established in 2011. I participated in an Internship Program at Naver, the most famous search portal service in Korea. After finishing my internship, I was recommended by a former boss to establish this mobile game company Line Play. We started as a start-up with 10 people including strategic planners, developers, and designers, but, after the launch of several highly successful applications, it has grown to over 200 people.


During my time at the company, I was their senior designer. Line Play functions mainly as a social networking application, and my main responsibility was to prototype the user interface design. I also created graphic design including icons, promotional banners, and pop-ups. In my role, I was responsible for bridging the design and programming components of the application’s functions. I worked with both designers and programmers to optimize ease of use of the design interface while maintaining flexibility and high-quality visuals. Because of the constant collaboration with programmers and designers, I have fine-tuned my ability not only to communicate with others but to merge elements of technology and design.


Visit the website or Download on the App Store/ Google Play.


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