AR Jingle Bells

AR Musical Instrument App

Year of production: 2018

Unity, ARkit, C#, XCode


AR Jingle Bells is a virtual musical instrument around you. It uses a sound effect piece and generates the Christmas ornament bells based on the user’s creating. Just use your device and tap a spot in your world to launch a virtual world, and then check them out from every angle imaginable. Plus, you can play music with the snowman while it's snow in the virtual world.


Keywords: ARKit, iOS, Unity, Augmented Reality, Musical Instrument 

AR Musical Instrument

Unity + XCode


First of all, when users open the app, they are in the 'Make Mode'. As soon as the app detecting planes near users, he/she can put ornament bells in that detected plane. There are 5 different types of the bell and each one has its own sound effect. Once they complete set, they can jump into the 'Play Mode' through clicking the mode change button at the bottom. Then, the snowman pops up and sing Jingle bells. Also, there is snow in the virtual world. From those settings, users can enjoy ring the bells to create jingle bells with that singing snowman.

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