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Hometown Now


Time line app for the photo of my hometown

Every people have a hometown whether it is a real hometown who was born in there or it is hometown that is  a ideal place to somebody or gives him/her comfortable feeling. To me, NYC is a hometown in my mind. Whenever I saw the pictures of the city, they remind me how passionate I was and how beautiful I was. So, this app will provide real time scenes of the city that chosen by users. And both uploading and appreciating will be available. In terms of UI design, I create a perspective picture themselves. 



Mobile Application Prototype

Craft for Her


Craft flower bouquets and Delivery app

Through Gift for Her you can send elegant roses, fresh flower bouquets, blooming and green plants. The app lets you send flowers quickly and easily delivered. Furthermore, by choosing flowers following the meaning of them, your heart will be delivered to her. One of valuable parts of this project is learning 'SKETCH' program as well as understanding of the commercial UI. 


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